Bill Donohue Introduces “Feces Obama” in Anti-“Piss Christ” Video

Adding to the “Piss Christ” noise, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights president Bill Donohue is the latest to condemn the Andres Serrano photograph of a crucifix soaking in a jar of the artist’s own urine, part of an exhibition opening tonight at Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art.

In the video, released yesterday, Donohue complains that, “[Serrano] didn’t put Muhammad in there, he didn’t choose any other religion, he just decided to do it to Jesus.” That’s not really true, there’s actually a Piss Mary, a Piss Moses and even a Piss Discobolus, among other figures, all from the same “Immersions” series. But, facts aside, the video’s worth a watch to the end if only for Donohue’s absurd retaliation: Feces Obama.

– Rachel Corbett