Street Artist Invader Sends His Trademark Tile “Space Invaders” Into Actual Space

Watch out, Mars Rover, there’s a much cooler man-made space machine heading your way. The French street artist Invader, whose trademark tile mosaics based on figures from the vintage video game Space Invaders are spread all over the planet, recently sent his work into orbit. Tethered to a camera-equipped weather balloon launched near Miami, one of his Invaders actually invaded space.

This, as far as we know, makes Invader the first street artist to get his work up in space, a distinction that should earn him bragging rights for quite some time. That is, unless Invader’s cousin Mr. Brainwash‘s predilection for including Stormtroopers in his exhibitions and murals is meant to foreshadow a forthcoming street art Death Star.


— Benjamin Sutton