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Keith Haring Foundation No Longer Authenticating Works

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Following in the footsteps of the Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat foundations, the Keith Haring Foundation is the latest to disband its authentication board, the organization announced today. The foundation aims to redirect the funds toward its education and HIV/AIDS-related programs, according to a press release.

“After careful consideration, the trustees came to the conclusion that the public and the Foundation’s charitable mission would be better served if the resources presently required for the operation of the authentication committee were redirected to purposes more directly related to the charitable goals designated by the Foundation’s founder, the artist Keith Haring.”

The foundation is “exploring the development” of a catalogue raisonné for the artist, but it will not review any attribution requests dated after September 1.

— Rachel Corbett

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  1. I’m happy to hear the funds will be re-allocated. Keith was a friend of mine, and a fellow person with AIDS. I survived, and as I imagine he would agree, the foundation made the right decision.

    Bravo, Keith lives on!


  2. So what happens now when someone legitimately owning or coming into ownership of an artwork considered to be by either of these artists needs to acquire official authentication for the work,in order to say sell it, what about those guys?

    Is there not a responsibility for them somewhere, or are there other places they can go now? I mean we all know how difficult the Warhol board were when they were in operation. What now?!

  3. People just do not want to be sued …just in case!

  4. Does someone know where to turn now? I sit here with a painting he made and now it seems I can´t ever get it authentified =(
    Feels sad…

  5. by Robert Smit

    I have the same problem. I own a lithograph of keith haring from 1987 4/6 h.c. I can’t find any information about it. If anyone knows where to turn now for authentication please let me know :)

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