CNN Commissioned Election-Themed Art From Liz Magic Laser, William Powhida, And More

In anticipation of November U.S. Presidential election, 24-hour news giant CNN commissioned 22 contemporary artists — including outspoken stars Jen Dalton (above), Liz Magic Laser, and William Powhida — to create original works responding to the theme of power as it’s playing out in the contest between Democrat incumbent Barack Obama and Republican candidate (and would-be NEA-closer) Mitt Romney. Laser’s contribution, the video “Push Poll” (embedded below), is also the subject of her residency at Lower East Side gallery Forever & Today, for which there will be an opening reception tomorrow.

Dalton’s drawing of overlapping infographics cross-references gender, race, and income statistics among American politicians, most of whom turn out to be — surprise! — rich white men. Powhida, for his part, drew a massive and intricate chart titled “Where Does Power Come From, Anyway?,” which charts the various means through which political power in the U.S. political system is attained and exercised.

Laser, meanwhile, sent her operatives into the streets — and a focus group — to poll regular Americans on the subject of polls while reporting from her mock newsroom at Forever & Today. The entire video, below, is typically enlightening and hysterical. See the full set of power-themed election art here.


— Benjamin Sutton