Rob Pruitt’s “Andy Monument” Headed to Houston’s Contemporary Arts Museum

In May the Public Art Fund confirmed that Rob Pruitt‘s “The Andy Monument,” a chromed statue of Andy Warhol installed outside one of the late Pop artist’s former studios on the north side of New York’s Union Square, would remain in place through September 4 after its tenure had been extended a second time. There will be no charming third time, however. ArtFagCity reveals that Pruitt’s “Andy Monument” is headed to Texas, where it will be on view at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston beginning late next month.

Symbolically the move doesn’t make much sense; aside from New York, Pruitt and Warhol’s shared hometown of Pittsburgh is the next most logical home for the sculpture. But after the CAMH mounted an IndieGoGO crowdsourcing campaign to “Bring Andy Warhol to Houston” by raising $32,000, its director Bill Arning told AFC that the statue is Texas-bound, no matter how much money is raised.

The statue will be on view from late September, through the CAMH’s October 20 gala ribbon-cutting ceremony, until the end of the year. After that, its future is less certain, though we imagine the Andy Warhol Museum might be interested.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image: Public Art Fund/Tumblr)