L.A. Artist Protests Disney Copyright Extension With Mickey Mouse Stop Sign Interventions

Something is rotten in the eyes of Denmark, a Los Angeles street artist who recently installed a series of Stop sign interventions in protest of Disney‘s ongoing lobbying efforts to secure a Copyright Extension for the likeness of its famous mouse Mickey. The modified signs, whose shape evoke the silhouette of the cartoon rodent, read “Copyright extension needs to stop.”

“I recently did an installation in and around Los Angeles protesting Copyright Extension,” Denmark told street art blog Wooster Collective, “which is Disney’s very effective lobbying to keep Mickey Mouse, and works created thereafter, out of the public domain.”

The location of the guerrilla installations, which have since been taken down, was judiciously chosen for its proximity to Disney Studios in Burbank. It’s “a route I can only imagine every long term exec from the company would take on their way home,” Denmark noted. Disney execs, however, presumably have no intention of stopping — or even slowing — their push for Copyright Extension.

— Benjamin Sutton