Amy Poliakoff, Gallery Girls’s Bubbly Blonde, Flunked and Sued Sotheby’s School Last Year

While most of the young women on Bravo‘s new reality TV show Gallery Girls are relatively new to the art world — well, except for the one who interned at Eli Klein Gallery for three years — one participant was embroiled in a lawsuit with the Sotheby’s Institute of Art last year. Upper East Sider Amy Poliakoff, whom Kyle Chayka labeled the show’s “Bubbly Blonde” in ARTINFO‘s GG cheat sheet, sued the school in 2011 after flunking, demanding the return of $43,940 in tuition fees and other costs, Art in America’s Brian Boucher reported.

Last year Thomson Reuters reported that one Amy Poliakoff — whom Boucher confirmed is indeed the same woman now appearing on Bravo’s show — had sued the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, which is not affiliated with the Sotheby’s auction house, although the latter does occasionally hire grads of the former and contribute instructors.

Poliakoff, who had enrolled at the school in September 2010, received an “academic dismissal” letter in January 2011. She appealed her expulsion, but after asking that an appeal hearing be rescheduled was informed that the school’s decision was final. She filed her lawsuit in April 2011 seeking the return of her tuition fees and other damages, and the erasure of her academic record.

Despite her problematic academic record, Poliakoff was comfortably installed in a Coplan Hurowitz Art Advisory internship when the first episode of GG began, although fellow Gallery Girl Kerri Lisa‘s arrival in the same internship program (and cubicle!) may spell trouble.

— Benjamin Sutton