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Banksy Dodges Police Crackdown, Unveiling Two Pieces of Olympics-Themed Street Art

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The U.K.’s street artists are currently proving very prolific despite a preemptive police crackdown ahead of the London Olympics, and now the country’s leading late-night stencil-sprayer has joined in — Banksy recently posted images of two new Olympics-themed murals he’s painted in London on his Web site.

The first (at top) features a javelin thrower launching a torpedo, a possible pun on Australian swimming sensation Ian Thorpe’s nickname, “Thorpedo.” The figure’s pose is also strikingly similar to that of one of Banksy’s most famous pieces, the flower thrower.

In the second piece, above, a pole vaulter is suspended, mid-jump, as if attempting to leap over the mangled barbed wire fence alongside the wall. No doubt Banksy fan numero uno, Mr. Brainwash, is at this very moment rushing to add Olympics-themed art to his London solo debut, which opens July 31. [VeryNearlyAlmost]

— Benjamin Sutton

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  1. by RobertofHitchin

    It’s a Sidewinder Missile, hardly a torpedo.

  2. by Joe Plewes

    Banksy probably doesn’t know who Ian Thorpe* is. I suspect is is rather more linked to the missiles on people’s roofs, than anything to do with an Australian swimmer.

    I have to say I’m not massively inspired by either.

  3. so boring. Where’s the clean up squad? He should get the same treatment as everyone else.

  4. by Rod Stewart

    So, naysayers… Have you all been drawn here out of a common interest for the constantly shifting and highly dynamic face of modern contemporary art or are you just here to take the piss out of Banksy?

  5. What is wrong with you guys? Typical British attitude – miserable and sniping. These works are interesting and both capture the zeitgeist. I was always taught that if what you say has nothing to benefit the situation, STFU…

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