Art Fair Meme Watch: artMRKT Hamptons Had Two Pieces of Popsicle Art

This weekend the second-annual artMRKT Hamptons took over the grounds of the Bridgehampton Historical Society, and between trips to the ice cream shop across the street we had a look at the art fair’s impressive sophomore outing. Among the many pieces of summery, beachy art, we spotted two pieces of Popsicle art, our favorite art fair food art coincidence since The Independent‘s twin watermelon sculptures.

In the booth of Chelsea gallery DEAN PROJECT we drooled over the grape-hued lacquered wood sculpture “So is the tree inclined” (2012, above) by Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers.

A few minutes later, in Philadelphia gallery PATRAJDAS Contemporary‘s booth, we spotted a half-submerged Popsicle sporting the colors of the Italian flag and serving as an anchor in Jamie Treadwell‘s trippy nautical painting “The Wind Will Carry Me and Soon I Will Be Free” (above). The neon-hued piece struck us as an acid-fueled attempt to replicate Dakis Joannou‘s Jeff Koons-designed yacht on a budget.

— Benjamin Sutton