Alleged “Piss Christ” Vandals Get More Time to Prepare Their Defense

The four men accused of vandalizing Andres Serrano‘s photo “Piss Christ” in April 2011 in Avignon, France, will not be tried until November 19. Their trial has been postponed after their defense attorneys said that the summonses their clients received were worded too vaguely to allow them to prepare an adequate defense. In particular, it was not stated whether they are accused of vandalizing “Piss Christ” or another Serrano work, “Soeur Jeanne Myriam,” or both.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs in the civil suit allege that the four defendants, aged 20 to 29, are part of an extreme right-wing group called “Renouveau Français” or “French Renewal.” Andres Serrano and the Lambert Collection, are suing for €400,000 ($486,000) in damages. Last year, gallerist and collector Yvon Lambert donated the collection to France and made its home in Avignon permanent.

— Juliette Soulez, ARTINFO France