MoMA’s Tim Burton Exhibition Breaking Attendance Records in Paris

Two years ago the Museum of Modern Art‘s retrospective exhibition devoted to the art, animation, and films of Tim Burton set a new attendance record for the institution, and it’s on track to do the same for Paris’s Cinémathèque française, the latest in a string of international museums to host the hugely popular exhibition.

“Tim Burton,” which closes August 5, has brought in 300,000 visitors since it opened on March 7, an unprecedented figure for the film-centric institution, according to a Cinémathèque announcement. Saturday will mark the last of the exhibition’s late-night openings, when the Cinémathèque stays open until 1am in order to provide additional hours for eager visitors, a ploy employed with great success by the Metropolitan Museum during last year’s blockbuster Alexander McQueen exhibition.

“What’s most striking,” said director Serge Toubiana, “is the youth and enthusiasm of the visitors coming from Paris, all over France, and abroad. Among these thousands of visitors, many are coming to the Cinémathèque for the first time.”

The exhibition’s 300,000 visitors in Paris, while undeniably impressive, nonetheless pales in comparison to the 810,500 who saw it at MoMA, making it the museum’s third-best attended show ever.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Photo courtesy Stéphane Dabrowski, Cinémathèque française.)