The Bruce High Quality Foundation’s School Bus Limo Misinterpreted by FAIL Blog User

The art world-satirizing artist collective the Bruce High Quality Foundation — whose work is currently on view in that beacon of art world hegemony, Lever House — recently made an appearance in another unlikely venue: the humor Web site FAIL Blog.

The user who originally posted the picture of the Bruces’ limousine parked outside Lincoln Center to the FAIL Blog sub-section “School of Fail,” a Las Vegas resident going by “jenny2012,” quipped, “Must be private school,” misunderstanding the critique implicit in the vehicle’s school bus paint job.

Like other recent Bruces projects — including their Cooper Union-themed stage musical adaptation of “Animal Farm” — the school bus limo that they took on their tour of American art schools articulates an attack on the crushing student debt aspiring artists are expected to shoulder in order to obtain the MFAs many see as a necessary step to securing highly improbable art world success.

What jenny2012, if that’s even her real name, misunderstands is that public and private schools are equally to blame in this system. The more appropriate FAIL Blog caption, therefore, would have been: “Must be art school.” As it stands, this is just an egregious FAIL Blog FAIL.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image courtesy FAIL Blog.)