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Tate Modern Acquires Photograph From Tyler Shields’s “Bad Barbie” Series

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The Tate Modern acquired a new photograph (pictured above) by none other than Hollywood’s controversial bad boy photographer, Tyler Shields. Simon Baker, the museum’s curator of photography and international art, decided to make the move last February while attending the opening of Shields’s exhibition at the Imitate Modern Gallery.

That’s right folks: a major art museum has purchased a work by Tyler Shields.

The whole thing was caught on film for the E! reality show, “Mrs. Eastwood and Company,” which stars his girlfriend, Francesca Eastwood (who is also Clint Eastwood’s daughter), and her family. The episode, which also marked the series’ U.K. premiere, aired Sunday night and showed Baker chatting with Shields and Eastwood before leaving with the image (pictured below).

Would you consider the provocateur — who has burned a $100,000 Birkin bag and shot Lindsay Lohan pointing a gun to her head — a legitimate artist now?

— Ann Binlot

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  1. Tyler Shields is a genius! I hope MOMA is next! NYC needs him…

  2. by Museum Acquisitions

    SMART MOVE SIMON BAKER!!! You just wrote yourself into a little piece of history!

  3. Yes he is! Sad my previous comment was deleted this one is more tame!

  4. WONDERFUL. This gives hope to the people who come from nothing, it is quite wonderful indeed to see this.

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