Street Artists Add Color to a Sleepy Corner of Queens at the Welling Court Mural Project

For the third summer in a row an international slate of street artists (including Olek, above) has taken brush and spray-paint can to a few shabby blocks in Astoria, Queens, for Ad Hoc Art‘s Welling Court Mural Project, transforming the neighborhood into a spectacular outdoor art gallery.

Since the middle of June artists have been adorning abandoned buildings, businesses, and apartments with works featuring playful characters, dramatic murals, and wild style scrawling (like the Score piece above).

Several murals, like the purple and brown piece above, paid homage to the recently deceased graffiti pioneer Say High 149.

The above collaboration between Chris Stain — who created the photographic and text backdrop — and Mode was one of the highlights of the new murals, owing in no small part to the latter’s incredibly layered techno-futurist writing.

Another highlight was the above piece, which made clever use of negative space to picture a young boy holding a spray can surrounded by thought bubbles full of a riot of colorful tags.

This pair of pieces by Queen Andrea (left) and longtime graffiti veteran Wane (right) were another bold highlight, particularly bordered by relatively solemn pieces in black-and-white by M-City and 01 (below).

The cartoon figures below are ubiquitous among this year’s Welling Court Murals, their phenomenal repetition clearly being part of the point.

A pair of characters by Jaz (below left) and Sinned (below right) greet street art pilgrims on Main Avenue.

A collaboration by Veng, Chris RWK, and Gilf! anchors the west end of the Welling Court Mural Project, letting visitors known that they are not in fact lost, but rather found.

— Benjamin Sutton