See the List of Critics Who Contributed to Christian Jankowski’s Latest Show

For his second solo show at Friedrich Petzel, German artist and prankster Christian Jankowski asked some 80 critics and art journalists to complete a difficult task: Write a review of an artwork he would eventually create with said reviews. The resulting installation is a bare gallery littered with messages in bottles, congregated in clusters on the floor.

The reviews are trapped in containers of every shape and size, from wine bottles to a small tobasco shaker. Jankowski reportedly told participating critic Paddy Johnson that if she were to republish her review, the bottle would have to be removed from the installation and destroyed. So, the best we curious folk can do is look at the list of participants — which includes a few ARTINFO alums! — reprinted in full below.

Look out for our condensed take on the show in tomorrow’s “One-Line Reviews” feature.

Emma Allen, The New Yorker (New York)
Sandra Antelo-Suarez, TRANS> Magazine (New York)
Bill Arning, Independent writer and curator (Houston)
R.C. Baker, The Village Voice (New York)
Ronald Berg, Zitty Magazine (Berlin)
Nicole Bussing and Heiko Klass, Independent writers (Hamburg)
Marina Cashdan, New York Times, Frieze Magazine, Wallpaper* (New York)
Valentina Ciarallo, Independent writer and curator (Rome)
Stacey Clarkson, Harper’s Magazine (New York)
Tyler Coburn, Independent writer (Los Angeles)
Nikki Columbus , Parkett (New York)
Alyssa Coppelman, Harper’s Magazine (New York)
Gabi Czöppan, Focus Magazine (Munich)
Monica de la Torre, BOMB Magazine (New York)
Giovanna Diappi, Independent writer (Rome)
Safia Dickersbach, Artfacts.Net (New York)
Dr. Mareike Dittmer, Frieze Magazine (Berlin)
Vanesa Fernandez, Celeste Magazine (Mexico City)
J.A. Forde, Company Agenda (New York)
Manami Fujimori, Bijutsu Techo (Japan and New York)
Francesca Gavin, Dazed & Confused (London)
Andrew Goldstein, Independent writer (New York)
Michelle Grabner, Artforum (New York)
Angnieszka Gratza, ArtReview, Flash Art,, Sight & Sound, Metropolis M (New York)
Dr. Rose-Marie Gropp, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Frankfurt)
Uta Grosenick, Distanz (Cologne)
Christine Hamel, Bayerischer Rundfunk (Munich)
Natalie Hergert, Artslant (New York)
Will Heinrich, New York Observer (New York)
Claudia Henne, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (Berlin)
Peter Herbstreuth, Der Tagesspiegel (Berlin)
Thea Herold, Independent writer (Berlin)
Jennifer Higgie, Frieze Magazine (London)
Faye Hirsch, Art in America (New York)
Silke Hohmann, Monopol (Berlin)
Meike Jansen, Taz Die Tageszeitung (Berlin)
Paddy Johnson, Art Fag City (New York)
Magdalena Kroener Frankfurter Allgemiene Zeitung (Frankfurt)
Paul Laster, Flavorpill (New York)
Vincenzo Latronico, Frieze Magazine, Domus (London, Milan)
Cathy Lebowitz, Art in America (New York)
Adair Lentini, Frieze Magazine (London)
Holger Liebs, Monopol Magazine (Berlin)
Tan Lin, Independent writer and poet (New York)
Karsten Lund, Art Papers (Chicago)
Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith, ARTNews (New York)
Barbara MacAdam, ARTNews (New York)
Sarah McCrory, Frieze Magazine (London)
Tom McDonough, Independent Writer (Binghampton)
Carolina Miranda, ARTNews (New York)
Aram Moshayedi, Artforum and Art in America (Los Angeles)
Cynthia Nadelman, ARTNews (New York)
Sina Najafi, Cabinet Magazine (Brooklyn)
Warren Neidich, Independent writer and artist (Berlin)
Charo Oquest, Edge Zones (Miami Beach)
Ulf Poschardt, Welt am Sonntag (Berlin)
Gabriella Radujko, Artcards (New York)
Simone Reber, Der Tagesspiegel (Berlin)
Alexander Riegel, Independent writer
Walter Robinson, Artnet (New York)
Kara Rooney, Brooklyn Rail (Brooklyn)
Nicole Rudick, The Paris Review (New York)
Peter Schiering, Redaktion Aspekte ZDF (Berlin)
Jakob Schillinger, Flash Art International (Berlin)
Collier Schorr, Independent writer and artist (Brooklyn)
Dr. Susanne Schreiber, Handelsblatt GmbH (Frankfurt)
Manfred Schumacher, Art-Report (Munich)
Alexander Scrimgeour, Artforum (New York)
Hillarie Sheets, ARTNews (New York)
Noemi Smolik, Artforum (New York)
Thierry Somers 200% (London)
Bert Stabler, Proximity Magazine, Time Out (Chicago)
Raimer Stange, Flash Art, Kunst-Bulletin, Artist, Springerin (Berlin)
Andras Szanto, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Artforum (New York)
Nicola Trezzi, Flash Art (New York)
Brigitte Werneburg, Tagesspiegel (Berlin)
Michael Wilson, Artforum, Time Out (New York)
Carmen Winant, Highlights (Brooklyn)
Rachel S. Wolff, New York Magazine (New York )
Linda Yablonsky, New York Times, Artnet (New York)
Lisa Zeitz, Die Zeit (Berlin)
Todd Zuniga, Opium HQ (Bologna)

Julia Halperin