Track the Impressionists’ Changing Color Palettes Over 10 Years With This Beautiful Infographic

Ever wanted to see just how the Impressionists’ palette changed from the more naturalistic colors of the 19th century to the shocking bright blues, reds, and yellows of the early 20th? This lovely infographic from Arthur Buxton and Derek Ruths distills the favored hues of 10 different Impressionist painters, including Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, and Matisse, over the course of 1895 to 1905, with some surprising results.

The chart analyzes an individual painting from each year and puts the five most prominent colors in a pie chart, shown proportionally. Monet moves from dark greens in the 1890s to the recognizable soft blues and pinks of his water lily paintings in 1905. Munch also makes for an interesting study, though his moody selection of reds, oranges and browns doesn’t change very much. Gauguin’s colors tend toward the tropical over time, while Degas embraces the dusty, nocturnal colors of the theater backstage.

It’s important to remember that the infographic doesn’t show the average colors of all of the artist’s output; rather, it just shows the trend painting by painting. It’s still a totally inspiring set of color combinations that could be the basis for a new piece of art, or just something that you could replicate in your living room. [Visual]