“There May Be Dancing”: William Powhida on Tomorrow’s “Telethon for the 1 Percent”

Newly formed organization FIPCA wants you to give back to the art world’s wealthiest patrons all day tomorrow at a “Telethon for the 1%” — an event that aims to put “America’s top back on top!” The event, held at Momenta Art’s Bushwick space, is being hosted by the vaguely acronymed organization. A livestream of the festivities will appear on FIPCA’s Web site from 10am to 10pm tomorrow.

The telethon was announced a week ago on FIPCA’s Twitter and though few details have been released, the website promises that many real (Paddy Johnson, William Powhida, Brian Dewan) and not so real (Tracy Emin, Damien Hurst, Jeff Koonze) art world “luminaries” will be working the phones.

But why have a fundraiser for the 1 percent? Powhida gave ARTINFO some insight into what the day will hold: “You can expect to hear readings, musical performance(s), impassioned defenses of big banks, as well as see some of the leading lights in contemporary art.  There may be dancing.”

He was purposefully vague about the formation of FIPCA. “I am trying to work with a group to stop appearing to be so concerned about my own self-interest,” he said. “But sure, I may be partially responsible for this, but I am not going take all the blame come tomorrow evening. There were other artists involved who I won’t throw under the bus.”

The list of phone operators is probably a pretty good clue — Jen Dalton, Powhida, Man Bartlett, and Ed Winkleman are all there. While it’s unclear if people will actually be answering phones, judging by the hilarious promos (see below) it will likely be a pretty fun(ny) party.

Watch more promos and follow tomorrow’s livestream here.

— Ashton Cooper