20 Must-See Studios, Exhibitions, And Events at Bushwick Opens Studios 2012

Every year in early June the massive art event Bushwick Open Studios gives New Yorkers an opportunity to visit the workhorses of the New York art economy — Brooklyn-based artists — in their natural environment: their studio. Bushwick Open Studios 2012, the massive neighborhood-wide festival’s sixth edition, runs June 1-3 and boasts a whopping 540-something events and exhibitions. ARTINFO has parsed the offerings, and came up with these 20 must-visit exhibitions, pop-ups, and studio buildings.

THE STUDIOS: Because for all the peripheral exhibitions, performances, and whatnot, BOS’s greatest feature is being able to visit artists’ studios.

1717 Troutman Street: Perusing the countless studios (at last count, over 50) filling this enormous building could easily take you an entire day — and the inevitable party and spectacular roof terrace with its sweeping Manhattan view aren’t a bad way to end a day of studio-hopping. In addition to shows at in-house galleries like Regina Rex and Parallel Art Space, don’t miss Aaron Williams in studio 330, Alexis Pace in 256, and the big group sharing number 311.

119 Ingraham Street: Another building (known to most as Brooklyn Fireproof) that you could spend the better part of the day exploring — and though it has no roof terrace, it does have restaurant-bar in its courtyard. The highlights are mostly painters, like Gili Levy, Rebecca Litt, and Lauren Collings.

117 Grattan Street: Like Brooklyn Fireproof, 117 Grattan tends to be one of the most popular destinations during BOS, and this year there will be plenty to see, including Andrew Cornell Robinson and Sigfrido Holguin‘s Arts + Crafts Research Studio in 309, Ofri Cnaani and Evan Reehl Ryer next-door in 308, Patricia Satterlee in 312, Matthews Stone and Craven in 115, and the Austin Thomas-curated show “Two Coats of Paint” in 419.

41 Varick Avenue: A marginally more manageable studio building, where highlights include sculptor Dennis McNett, photographer Bill Durgin, and the five artists sharing studio 202.

1182 Flushing Avenue: A solid mid-sized studio building, where must-visit artists include Maria Britton, MaryKate Maher, and Björn Meyer-Ebrecht, all on the second floor.

7 St. Nicholas Avenue: The seven artists sharing the fourth floor of 7 St. Nick make a great group studio visit, including sculptor Kristof Wickman, and painters Erik den Breejen and Andy Cross.

1013 Grand Street: Though it’s a little far from most of the BOS action, this enormous building houses, among other things — like fourth floor group studio Splinters and Logs — many of the International Studio and Curatorial Program‘s studios. All told some 30 artists will have open studios at 1013 Grand this weekend.

566 Johnson Avenue: Being that this building, The Active Space, is part gallery, part studios, including it here is kind of cheating, but it offers both a dozen open studios (especially don’t miss Matt Miller, Elsie Kagan, and Danielle Mysliwiec) and a pair of must-see exhibitions: Deborah Brown‘s “Freewheeling” and the group show “Vegan Pizza Party.”

385 Troutman Street: Among the half-dozen open studios in this building highlights include paintings and sculptures in the studio shared by Catherine Lepp and Maxwell Deter, and photos and prints by Katarzyna Gawin.

1109 Dekalb Avenue: On the southern edge of BOS territory, the 12 artists in the Wayfarers studio include painters, sculptors, installation artists, illustrators, and printmakers.

THE EXHIBITIONS: Between the neighborhood’s more than 20 galleries, handful of non-profits, and various weekend-long pop-up spaces, there are enough solo and group shows this weekend in Bushwick to make a Saturday in Chelsea seem like a walk in the park.

Bushwick Basel (108 Starr Street): This mock-art fair at Starr Street Space — aka Jules de Balincourt‘s studio — features 11 local galleries divvying up the warehouse space into booths in which they’re present group and solo shows, like Adam Parker Smith in the Storefront Bushwick corner, and works by Daniel Bejar presented by NurtureArt.

Bobby Redd Project Space (626 Bushwick Avenue): The innocuously named Bobby Redd Project Space is in fact a beautiful old church that has been slated for demolition and handed over to artists in its final months to use as a temporary exhibition and event space. This weekend’s program for the beautiful building, “Holy BOS,” includes an indoor forest, an opera, a film festival, “cosmic” yoga, and a gospel brunch.

Street Art Pop-Up Store (174 Bogart Street, #210): With prices ranging from free to $300, the works in this weekend-long street art store curated by Robin Grearson include works by ubiquitous figures in the local streetscape like ASVP, Chris Stain, Elle, QRST, Quel Beast, and the Moustache Man.

“ALLTOGETHERNOW” (234 Starr Street): Eleven artists brought together from all over the world by Brooklynite Julie Torres specially for BOS will present pre-existing work and collaborative pieces at the Coin Locker.

“Plein Air” at Airplane (70 Jefferson Street): In addition to spilling over to Bushwick Basel (see above), this basement gallery’s 11-person group exhibition incorporates the building’s backyard and features work by Andrea Burgay, Matt Burke, and Peter Caine.

Text” at Studio 10 (56 Bogart Street): This group show in Bushwick’s de facto gallery building features works by four artists — John Avelluto, Mary Carlson, Meg Hitchcock, and Audra Wolowiec — all of which incorporate text and some sense of the materiality of paper.

Justin Berry at Interstate Projects (56 Bogart Street): Another mainstay of the Bogart building, Interstate will open an exhibition of new works by Berry, all of them taken from romance novel covers and video game worlds from which he removes all but the seemingly natural features of these fantasy landscapes.

“Sculpture Garden” at The Onderdonk House (1820 Flushing Avenue): It’s closing weekend for this group show — curated by curated by Deborah Brown and Lesley Heller — on the grounds of the historic Dutch farmhouse, which includes outdoor sculptures by Ryan Michael Ford, Brent Owens, and Wendy Klemperer.

Kesting/Ray (257 Boerum Street): The SoHo gallery will formally inaugurate its Bushwick space with a four-person show — featuring Brian Leo, Tod Seelie, Swoon, and Ben Wolf.

Fortress to Solitude (304 Boerum Street Suite 33): The roving curatorial project’s latest iteration includes works on paper, video, and performance art.

For a complete directory of Bushwick Open Studios 2012 events, click here. And, as always, stop by Norte Maar to pick up the phone-book sized BOS print directory at “Maps and Mamosas” — and to see their new show of collages by Oliver Ralli.

— Benjamin Sutton