L.A. Artist Behind Secret Sculpture Installation Unmasked Thanks to Facebook Posts

Last week a sunbathing family set up at the edge of an urban beach in Downtown Los Angeles — a water-filled construction pit on Broadway between 1st and 2nd streets — the cutely anachronistic sight drawing the attention of the L.A. Times, though the surreptitious sculptor’s identity remained a mystery for several days.

Eventually, a pair of Facebook photos posted by L.A.-based artist Calder Greenwood — a native of upstate New York — revealed that he was in fact the perpetrator of the peculiar public art installation. Alongside the first image (below), posted the day before the sculptures appeared, Greenwood counter-intuitively announced his “secret project!” while sharing a studio image of the mother and sandcastle-building child figures.

The next day Greenwood posted a photograph of the happy family in situ (at top), taken through a chain-link fence, seemingly announcing the piece’s title with the comment “day at the beach.” Later that day the artist chimed in on the image’s growing comment thread, noting the makeshift beachfront’s bleakness: “there was more water when we decided to do it, but the lack of water kind of works too.”


— Benjamin Sutton

(Photo via Calder Greenwood/Facebook)