Vial of Reagan’s Blood Pulled From Auction, Gets Donated to Foundation

It may not be so easy to clone the conservative president, after all. A vial of Ronald Reagan‘s blood was to be sold at a creepy sale from PFCAuctions, based in the Channel Islands. The vial was on offer alongside other strange artifacts ranging from Justin Bieber‘s hair to Ally McBeal‘s PJs. However, the blood will not be sold.

CNN reports that the auction drew a threat of legal action from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. That threat seems to have stopped the sale cold, and the vial of dried blood will now be donated to the foundation. The anonymous seller, for one, was happy with the outcome: they said in a statement that they “would personally be delighted to see this important artifact put on public display by the foundation.” Though they may have missed out on a cash windfall — bidding for the item had topped $30,000. [CNN]