Gavin Brown and Mark Ruffalo Are Serving Anti-Fracking Sausages at Frieze New York

Not to be outdone by Jennifer Rubell‘s nutcracking nude, gallerist Gavin Brown and his look-alike, actor Mark Ruffalo, are cooking and serving sausage at the Frieze New York art fair today as part of an anti-hydraulic fracturing protest. Asked to explain his participation in the fair, Ruffalo told ARTINFO: “I’m here to feed the one percent.”

Brown is apparently borrowing a page from artist Rirkrit Tiravanija, whom he represents, to raise awareness of the dangers hydro-fracking pose to our food supply. This bit of porcine and politicized relational aesthetics apparently met with the approval of New York magazine art critic Jerry Saltz, who can be seen above waiting for an anti-fracking sausage. The meaty treats are being served in copies of Dick Cheney‘s controversial hydrofracking bill.

Pressed for an his thoughts on the anti-fracking sausage-fest, Ruffalo said: “I hate art, it’s so boring… We’re here to show everyone that relational aesthetics is over.”

— Shane Ferro, Julia Halperin, Benjamin Sutton