New Petition Calls for Sotheby’s to End Art Handler Lockout by Offering a Fair Contract

In the midst of today’s many May Day protests throughout New York City and around the world, art blog Art Fag City has launched another attack on the one percent by creating a petition demanding that Upper East Side auction house Sotheby’s end the lockout of its unionized art handlers — currently in its eighth month — by offering them a new, fair contract.

The petition, which you can — and should — sign here, was created this morning by AFC editor in chief Paddy Johnson, and is rapidly gaining momentum as names pile up towards its 20,000 signature goal. It includes this especially rousing passage:

We are asking artists, collectors, and institutions to sign this petition and stand in solidarity with the Sotheby’s art handlers until they receive a fair contract. This is not about hurting the company financially; unlike Sotheby’s, we have no taste for the suffering of others. This is about displaying a commitment to the moral principle of fair pay for fair labor, and to the possibility of ethical practices in the arts. This is about declaring, as an industry, that people should be treated well. This is about standing up and saying, in one voice: “This is wrong.”

Click here to sign “Sotheby’s: Offer Your Art Handlers A Fair Contract.”

— Benjamin Sutton