Met Director Thomas P. Campbell Likes Steve Jobs, Sci-Fi, Pea-Green Jackets

In a brief interview for the New York Times, Metropolitan Museum director Thomas P. Campbell tells us a little bit about some of his favorite things. No shockers here: the director is well-read, likes indie music, and enjoys duck confit. But there are some fun tidbits.

1. He just read the Steve Jobs biography

Could Campbell be looking for some directorial inspiration? Will he start building mini-Mets made of glass in cities all over the world?

2. He prefers sci-fi to tragedy

Against his wife’s better judgment, the Met director is really into science fiction “classics” including Blade Runner, Brazil, and Aliens. He likes the genres efforts to “visualize the future.”

3. He wears museum director clothes

A “pea green corduroy jacket” from Barneys puts Campbell “in a good mood.” It might be the first bright green object he bought! Which, duh.

4. He likes a romantic museum song

The director enjoys Rufus Wainwright‘s anthem “The Art Teacher,” which is about a girl falling in love with an art teacher at the Met. Some unfulfilled fantasies there?

5. His 10-year-old daughter has a fashion blog

Is the little Campbell the next Tavi Gevenson!?

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