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Cooper Union Students Plan Walkout and March to Union Square Today to Protest Tuition

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In protest of yesterday’s news that for the first time in its 153 year history the Cooper Union, the elite art, architecture, and engineering university in Manhattan’s East Village, will charge tuition, its students are walking out of their classes today at noon, and plan to march to Union Square later this afternoon.

Yesterday Cooper Union president Jamshed Bharuchar revealed that in 2013 the school will begin charging graduate students tuition, and has not ruled out doing so for undergrads as well come 2017. This afternoon, Gallerist reported and Artnet tweeted, students will march from the school’s campus in Cooper Square north to Union Square, sometime between 3pm and 4pm.

In addition to today’s protest march, Friends of Cooper Union — one of the groups of students and alumni that has been leading the campaign against charging tuition — will hold a summit tomorrow evening on the controversial decision.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Photo via @artnet/Twitter)

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  1. Welcome to the real world artistes.
    Time to get a life, a real job and deal with it.
    “It is time to put aside childish things.”
    Prez. Obama and some guy named Paul.

  2. Donald,
    Are you saying that because all schools charge tuition, we need to to? Free tuition IS real life, and it has been for decades for The Cooper Union. We ARE NOT living in a fantasy. Our founder Peter Cooper provided an endowment to our school which has been able to sustain a tuition free program for decades. We have a learning environment where admission is solely based on merit and aptitude, as opposed to our parent’s income. Harvard has enough endowment to give every single student a full scholarship, yet they don’t. It is a matter of principle. Unfortunately, a lot of our funding was mismanaged and squandered, and those who did this must be held accountable. Nevertheless, at the heart of Cooper Union is its meritocracy, and we will preserve this.

  3. In which case count yourself very fortunate. Most students have always had to work their way through college, art students no different, well, they are less because they study far less, And therefore have less to communicate. An empty language is meaningless, and why art is so ignored now. Its only purpose is self aggrandizement. It is not a part of humanity, but apart from it.
    So suck it up, manup, and deal with it. 99.9% of colleges are worse off.
    And a meritocracy according to whom? Few creative artists worth a damnahve ever graduated from an art academy. And those that did took decades to get the pablum out of their systems and see the world truly.

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