Arts Blogger Tobi Tobias a Finalist for 2012 Pulitzer Prize in Criticism

This year’s Pulitzer Prize board was unusually generous in giving out journalism prizes to online-only news outlets — well, two of them received awards, Politico for Editorial Cartooning and the Huffington Post for National Reporting — and though the Boston Globe’s dominance continued in the Criticism category (congrats to film critic Wesley Morris!), one of the two finalists for that prize was arts blogger Tobi Tobias.

Tobias, who maintains the dance and performance blog Seeing Things on, was honored as one of two finalists (along with the Washington Post’s architecture critic Philip Kennicott) “for work… that reveals passion as well as deep historical knowledge of dance, her well-expressed arguments coming from the heart as well as the head.” She was the only finalist from an internet-only outlet.

— Benjamin Sutton