Manhattan’s Rooster Gallery Tagged by World’s Most Apologetic Vandals

The bright red lowercase “R” on the metal shutter of the Lower East Side’s Rooster Gallery proved too tempting a target for a team of taggers, who scrawled on the large likeness of the gallery’s logo the words “Get tha fuck out of here” last week. The inept vandals were nabbed in the act, and reacted with unexpected courtesy, as the two-year-old gallery’s owner Alexander Slonevsky told local blog Bowery Boogie.

Slonevsky says that the vandals were caught red-handed last week:

My biz partner actually caught them in the act and they offered to re-paint it for us. He declined their offer and told them to get lost before the combined wrath of the Orchard street workers posse was visited upon them. They retreated… We were aware when we painted it that we were inviting this sort of thing. And it’s a bit of karma as well, I spent a good portion of my youth defacing every vertical surface I walked by.

Perhaps Rooster Gallery can invite Kenny Scharf to paint over the offending tag as part of his “Gates Project.”

— Benjamin Sutton