Courtney Love to Show Her Angsty, Emo Drawings at Fred Torres in May

If you follow her tumultuous career at all, it’s pretty clear that Courtney Love is in a rough spot. It came to light through her daughter’s court documents that the rock-star and rock-star-consort was in the habit of leaving lit cigarettes in her bed and may have contributed to her pets’ deaths with her hoarding tendency. But who cares! Now you can see the art the comes out of all that craziness.

Fred Torres Collaborations is set to show a selection of Love’s drawings May 3 through June 15, under the evocative title “And She’s Not Even Pretty!” The gallery’s site has one sample image for the show, depicting a heavily made-up female figure (self-portrait?) grasping at a sketched male figure with the exhibition’s title inscribed above in loose handwriting. If we had to make some kind of contemporary art comparison, it’s kind of like Tracey Emin in a middle-school notebook. Could her other works be better?

Some Internet snooping reveals that Love has posted her drawings online before; quite a few can be found posted on Tumblr and on this Radar story. The angsty teenager vibe gets even stronger here, with semi-sexualized bodies embracing one another, crying ladies, and this fairy with a flowing flowery dress. Check out some more drawings below for what we all have to look forward to in May.

— Kyle Chayka