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Courtney Love to Show Her Angsty, Emo Drawings at Fred Torres in May

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If you follow her tumultuous career at all, it’s pretty clear that Courtney Love is in a rough spot. It came to light through her daughter’s court documents that the rock-star and rock-star-consort was in the habit of leaving lit cigarettes in her bed and may have contributed to her pets’ deaths with her hoarding tendency. But who cares! Now you can see the art the comes out of all that craziness.

Fred Torres Collaborations is set to show a selection of Love’s drawings May 3 through June 15, under the evocative title “And She’s Not Even Pretty!” The gallery’s site has one sample image for the show, depicting a heavily made-up female figure (self-portrait?) grasping at a sketched male figure with the exhibition’s title inscribed above in loose handwriting. If we had to make some kind of contemporary art comparison, it’s kind of like Tracey Emin in a middle-school notebook. Could her other works be better?

Some Internet snooping reveals that Love has posted her drawings online before; quite a few can be found posted on Tumblr and on this Radar story. The angsty teenager vibe gets even stronger here, with semi-sexualized bodies embracing one another, crying ladies, and this fairy with a flowing flowery dress. Check out some more drawings below for what we all have to look forward to in May.

— Kyle Chayka

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  1. Well, Courtney’s art is better than Kim Gordon’s. I still cringe when I think about the awful art of Gordon. Google “Kim Gordon Rodarte Exhibition Art” for proof.

  2. I think I’ve seen most of this on twitter already. sorry not impressed..

  3. by Qualified Art Critic

    I dont see any hags riding a broom …. ie: lacks reality.

  4. oh good to know – she’s a retarded adult … with the intelligence of a 7 year old.

  5. I like her drawings they are very whimsical no they aren’t masterpieces that you put over your fireplace mantle so leave the negative comments at the door. But they are good I can totally see them being used in a novel with illustrations

  6. the first paragraph in this article is slanderous journalism and you should be ashamed, you should edit this post. Courtney’s personal legal problems are irrelevant to her career and her art. You should the remove sarcastic comments about her being a middle schooler and emo. The only one acting like a emo middle schooler is you. Are you SERIOUSLY mocking art on a website called artinfo? Really!? Why even write the article? Clearly your objective was to get blog hits by mocking a famous person. I’d like to see your art, Kyle Chayka I bet it’s terrible compaired to Courtney’s. Oh you’re SUCH a tough guy Kyle Chayka pick on the vulnerable woman and maybe you’ll get some cheap laughs. You are pathetic.

  7. this is a picture of the complete dweeb “Kyle Chayka” who wrote this blog LOL!!! And he has the nerve to poke fun at Courtney. What a wannabe hipster loser

  8. Courtney’s drawings are beautiful!

    I wonder if the author of this article would be writing these cynical belittling things if he was writing about a famous male? I guarantee it would never happen… just another sexist writer trying to grab a headline.

  9. by Shane Ferro

    Nope, definitely not a masterpiece to put over the mantle, like one of those Thomas Kinkades. And it really is unprofessional of a website called ARTINFO to provide art criticism. Is that what they pay you kids for these days?

    As far as the gender bias, check out In The Air skewering of famous male Damien Hirst:

    And a much-needed put-down of another famous male, James Franco:

  10. There is no need for the tired cynicism and tabloid-esque airing of someones personal problems. If you want to be a perezhilton website fine just don’t call yourself ARTINFO

  11. Grow up, people. Did you know Frank Sinatra made paintings? Did you know that few took them seriously? How many celebs try to be artists and are scoffed at (i.e. James Franco, Sylvester Stallone)? And do you know why? Because they made bad art.

    ‘Nuff said.

  12. Oh ^^ MP, get over it! The writer of this blog just wrote an article on the atlantic on how video games were a ‘work of art’! an ENTIRE article praising the artistry of video games! I kid you not. So please don’t talk about bad art.

  13. by A non-mouse

    Well, I happen to know that Courtney doesn’t even draw the under-lying figures, another artist does. Courtney then embellishes the forms. These emo-style charicatures are supposed to make us feel sorry. for, being a young mother and widow. But umm.. Courtney has left out the most important things: The cursive-writing, alphabet for forgery papers found in her purse after her husbands mysterious death, and her hypo-dermic needles. Oh yah, and the child protection agency people, coming to take daughter Frances away, yet again. Clear as a bell.

  14. Aah A non-mouse! You make me happy with your well-informed comments.

    The site that hosted them no longer exists (, but it contained an excellent analysis of the stylistically distinct text on the top and bottom of the “suicide” note (without which, it doesn’t necessarily read like a suicide note), compared publicly available examples of Courtney Love’s handwriting.

    The “a’s” in particular were strikingly similar in this header/footer text, to those of Love’s handwriting (from a CD sleeve, I believe) and distinct from those in the body of the note.

    The similarities between Courtney’s writing and the “f’s” and “p’s” on the note are examined here:

    The other evidence I found compelling, but ultimately the handwriting turned my suspicions to conviction. She did it. Perhaps not by her own hand, but certainly by her will.

  15. This is the worst artwork I’ve ever seen, my 14-year-old sister makes better drawings. It’s disgusting that celebrities get shown at galleries just because of their clout, when thousands of talented young artists are starving because galleries like Fred Torres won’t even blink an eye at “emerging” work. YUCK.
    next, please.

  16. thoughts:

    1) she sure can’t draw hands.

    2) resembles the “design” doodles made by high schoolers who can’t draw but who dress interestingly and who call themselves artistic and take an undergrad class or two in interior design or in fashion illustration before growing up and selling real estate.

    3) not the first time celebrity doodles got gallery exhibits. michael jackson, paul mccartney, kirk douglass, sylvester stallone, topy bennett, john lennon –all got “art” shows of their crap pictures i feel just because they were already famed names. if some nobody made the same images, there would have been a second curatorial glance.

    3.1) i’m commenting spontaneously and can’t be bothered to spell-check the celeb names.

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