Massimiliano Gioni and Maurizio Cattelan Are Looking for a Family Business Blogger

Yesterday afternoon the ubiquitous, walk-in closet-sized pop-up gallery Family Business — founded by New Museum director Massimiliano Gioni and “retired” Italian art star Maurizio Cattelan, and coming off an epic opening for artist and YouTube art critic Hennessy Youngman/Jayson Muson‘s open call exhibition — sent out a Facebook message looking for a blogger for the gallery’s website.

The request for applications — whose broken English suggests it may have been written by interim blogger Cattelan — reads thusly:

Family Business is looking for a cool bloggers for our website! Please send Godfather 150 words story about the worst experience you had in Chelsea in past five days! Deadline is this Sunday, 8 April! Email your bad experience to!

We should warn you that the entire IN THE AIR staff has already applied, so competition for the coveted blogger position will be heated.

— Benjamin Sutton