Watch Camouflage Artist Liu Bolin Make JR Disappear Into One of His Own Photo Murals

Last month the Chinese artist Liu Bolin visited New York — where, just last year, he’d painted himself into a Kenny Scharf mural — but this time he wouldn’t be the canvas: he painted the French street artist JR into his own monumental photo-mural on Spring Street.

In an unusual twist on Bolin’s exhaustive camouflage process, he made the Brooklyn-based artist JR disappear into an enormous mural based on a photograph of the pair — Bolin’s eye seen between JR’s fingers as he made a peace sign. The whole process was captured on video:

The collaboration took a whole day, leaving JR just enough time to wash off all Bolin’s paint and attend the Chinese artist’s exhibition opening at Eli Klein Fine Art, where photos of more of his elaborate disguises are on view through May 11.

— Benjamin Sutton


(Photo: Lucien Zayan/Facebook)