Google’s Marissa Mayer Will Participate in This Year’s Seven on Seven Conference

This year’s Seven on Seven conference at the New Museum will boast a major marquee name: Marissa Mayer, the VP of location and local services at Google. The conference, now in its third year, pairs seven artists with seven technology experts to see what kind of ideas they can cook up over the course of one day. Meyer will be paired with new media artist Jon Rafman, who has used images from Google Street View in his art and also produced a widely-read photo essay on the subject.

It may be worth noting that Meyer’s own taste in art skews more toward the traditional than the cutting-edge. She has a massive, floral ceiling installation by artist Dale Chihuly in her apartment. (She documented the installation on Google Plus.)

All seven teams will present their projects together at the New Museum on April 14. The conference is organized by Rhizome, a new media nonprofit associated with the museum. The other artist-technologist pairings, first reported by the New York Times, are as follows:

– Khoi Vinh, former digital director of the New York Times and founder of iPad app Mixel, and Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl

Jeremy Ashkenas, creator of open source programs like Coffeescript and Backbone, with sculptor and installation artist Stephanie Syjuco

Blaine Cook, founding architect of Twitter, with political artist Naeem Mohaiemen

Michael Herf, co-founded of photo-sharing site Picasa, with photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier

– Anthony Volodkin, founder of music-blogging site The Hype Machine, with performance artist Xavier Cha

Aaron Swartz, programmer and co-founder of open Internet activist group Demand Progress, with photographer Taryn Simon

Julia Halperin