Damien Hirst Shark Doodle Used to Tip Driver Sells for $7,400

The benefits of being the world’s most famous artist never end, do they? A 30-second sketch that aging Young British Artist Damien Hirst doodled on a page of an autograph book just sold at auction for $7,400. The kicker: Hirst probably used the drawing to pay for a car ride.

Hirst gave the doodle, which depicts the shark from his iconic sculpture “The Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Something Living,” to an unnamed chauffeur as a tip, reports the BBC. Kind of like the way Hirst spray-painted a private social club with a similar shark? How big of a bar tab did that shark cover?

The piece was sold at London’s International Autograph Auctions on March 24 to an anonymous bidder. The book also included signatures from Alan Bennett and Ricky Gervais, among others. Comedian David Baddiel also signed the book, writing: “To Peter, It won’t be worth as much as the Damien Hirst.” That prediction turned out to be true — but Damien’s shark certainly raised the value of the book as a whole. [BBC]