Chelsea’s Mixed Greens Gallery Offers Peephole to Paris

Real estate is at a premium in Chelsea, but a new exhibition space that will only be visible through a peephole is pushing the boundaries of resourceful square foot usage. Mixed Greens gallery, in partnership with Paris art space Projective City, is preparing “Paris-Scope,” a miniature exhibition space hidden somewhere in the 26th Street gallery and named for the similarly pocket-sized Parisian cultural guide.

The first installation in the “Paris-Scope” space will be a tiny installation by Brooklyn-based artist James Reeder consisting of photographs based on sculptures and drawings that will only be visible through a tiny hole made in the gallery wall — a format that recalls Marcel Duchamp‘s voyeuristic installation “Étants Donnés.”

Reeder’s project in the hole-in-the-wall gallery, “The Mountain” (see mock-up below), will “open” on March 29 and remain on view through June 2, when another artist will put their work in the wall.

— Benjamin Sutton

James Reeder, preparatory image for "The Mountain" (2012), courtesy the artist.