5 Art World Parodies Found at Fountain Art Fair

As IN THE AIR noted on Saturday, scrappy Armory Week alternative Fountain Art Fair made a habit of referencing its new venue’s place of privilege in Modern art history — all the more so in light of its name and logo’s debt to Marcel Duchamp — and while wandering the aisles at the 69th Regiment Armory this weekend we spotted many more irreverent art history allusions. Here, then, a brief chronicle of Fountain’s funniest parodies of famous artworks.

The artist WhatisAdam put a Canadian spin on Andy Warhol‘s soup cans at the booth of Montreal gallery Station16 with his “Maple Sizzurp” prints.

WhatisAdam, "Maple Sizzurp." (Courtesy the artist, Station16.)

GILF! had a go at Barbara Kruger with this piece from her booth, “Corporate Douchebags.”

GILF! "Corporate Douchebags." (Courtesy the artist.)

Brian Goings‘s sculpture “Idle in Action” readymade in the Hullaballoo Collective booth was an interactive version of the Duchamp classic.

Brian Goings, "Idle in Action." (Courtesy the artist and Hullaballoo Collective.)

With her photo “Night,” photographer Leslie Lions did her best Ryan McGinley homage.

Leslie Lions, "Night." (Courtesy the artist.)

At the Art For Progress booth, Michael Lorenzini‘s “Interactions” lampooned Damien Hirst‘s pills.

Michael Lorenzini, "Interactions." (Courtesy the artist, Uprise Art.)

— Ann Binlot