Austrian Performance Artist Mummufies Himself in Packing Tape at Armory Show

Christian Eisenberger performance at the Armory Show

While many were visibly (and audibly) peeved by the large crowd trying to get into the Bjork-Ragnar Kjartansson Open Forum at the Armory Show this afternoon, at least one person welcomed the sudden massing of fair-goers. Christian Eisenberger, the young Vienna-based artist whose gallery, Cologne’s Teapot, happens to be located near the entrance to the media lounge and showcasing a solo exhibition of his work at the fair. Eisenberger seized the opportunity to perform one of his packing tape mummification interventions.

christian eisenberger performance at the Armory Show

As he neared the end of the performance — one that was apparently not part of the Armory’s official performance art programming — Eisenberger needed a hand completing his makeshift tape sarcophagus.