Garage Launches “Sex and Relationships” Issue With Cartoony New Cover

Whatever they tried to do, it was going to be hard for Garage magazine, the art and culture publication fronted by Dasha Zhukova, to top their first cover. While the initial issue featured a peel-off sticker covering a Damien Hirst crotch tattoo, the second issue shows a menagerie of cartoon animals, with some creepy twists.

The second issue’s theme, as per the editor’s letter, is “sex and relationships” — specifically, how both areas of human life have become more complex lately with the legalization of gay marriage and the advent of fertilization technology and Internet dating. The tagline on the magazine’s cover is “Harry the Hare is Expecting,” referencing the cartoon of a pregnant male rabbit that forms the cover’s center. A (male) fox stands next to Harry and a rainbow encircles the whole thing.

The issue includes a profile of Yayoi Kusama and a Michelle Rhee interview. (Rhee, as you may or may not know, is the controversial former chancellor of Washington D.C. public schools. Scarcely spotted without her trusty pantsuit, she’s not exactly your typical high-fashion glossy fare.) Zhukova writes in her editor’s letter, “We need new nursery rhymes for new beds, where we will dream new dreams.” Less provocative than the first and taking on a more topical angle, the second issue of Garage could prove the magazine’s staying power. If the magazine leans as far to the fashion side as the cover suggests (as detailed inside, each animal pictured “wears” name-brand clothes), then perhaps we’ll be missing the tattoos.

Check out the full cover below.