How Are Sales at the VIP Art Fair? Galleries Aren’t Telling

By all accounts, the VIP Art Fair‘s Web site is working quite well this time around. But how are the sales? Not quite as swift as the site’s load time, it seems. ARTINFO checked in with about a dozen galleries on Friday afternoon and Monday morning for a forthcoming sales report, but most inquiries were met with a quick, “Check back with us tomorrow” — which is often code for, “We haven’t sold anything yet.” On background, dealers are saying that lower-priced works are selling a bit while higher-priced and larger-scale items like installations and sculptures are not finding buyers.

On the other hand, well, you can’t really beat this endorsement by Postmasters dealer Magda Sawon (via Twitter):

“What’s selling more than just about anything are flat works — paintings, prints, photographs,” said Ed Winkleman of Winkleman Gallery. He noted that he’s sold two paintings by Christopher K. Ho to new European clients for $3,200 each. He, too, is finding “installation-type work doesn’t get as many hits.”

For a full sales report, we’re saying what the dealers are saying: check back with us later in the week. In the meantime, if you’d like to share your experiences with VIP, e-mail our reporters at and