Photographer Tyler Shields Marries a Backstreet Boy (Like, Officiates)

Pictographic provocateur and shooter of out-there celebrity portraits Tyler Shields has finally gone over the top — he married a Backstreet Boy. Well, not exactly. He officiated at the marriage of BSB AJ (Alexander McLean) to wife Rochelle Kardis. No word as to whether or not he documented the wedding as well.

The portrait of the couple posted on Shields’s Web site is exactly what you’d expect from the photographer. On the right, a normal portrait showing AJ and Rochelle together. On the left, Mr. Shields attacks the pair with a giant dagger.

The happy date was December 17th, so if you didn’t make it, you missed out. But Mr. Shields has a special offer — at the bottom of the post he writes, “Would you let me marry you and your loved one?” Just be wary at the photo shoot if you take him up on it.

Shields has previously photographed models beating up riot cops and Lindsay Lohan with a bloody knife.