New NYC Art Reality Show Debuts TONIGHT, With Kalup Linzy

New York art lovers: Are you suffering reality TV withdrawal now that Work of Art is off the air? Well, you are in luck, because tonight marks the debut of a brand spankin’ new attempt at the genre, Art/Trek NYC. The program is set to debut at 9pm on Channel 25, the Big Apple’s official station, which also features such hits as “Mr. Mayor” (highlighting “defining moments in the tenure of New York City’s mayors”) and “Doggie Moms” (following “a group of New York City women whose lives revolve around their dogs”). The new show bills itself as a quest to showcase emerging artists, with each episode taking viewers to a different borough to spotlight “a rising artist who’s on the verge of breaking into New York City’s competitive art scene.”

The show is hosted by NYC entrepreneur CJ Follini, who is behind the art sales site COMPANY, and last year told ARTINFO’s Shane Ferro that the show was part of his synergistic strategy for dominating online art commerce: “The future of online is offline,” he said, referring to the virtues of positioning his endeavor in relationship to an art TV show. The whole shebang revolves around “a converted recreational vehicle, nicknamed the ArtV,” in which each episode’s spotlighted artist will curate a guerrilla art show to try and win over a skeptical public. At the end of Art/Trek’s six-episode run — one episode for each borough, plus a “reunion” — the prize for the best-reviewed artist is a gallery solo show. But most importantly of all, for tonight’s debut, Follini has snagged a real prize: performance artist Kalup Linzy participates as guest judge. Here’s the official summary:

Art/Trek NYC travels to Flatbush with acclaimed performance and video artist Kalup Linzy to meet emerging performance artist Edoheart. From the Brooklyn Museum to Fort Greene, Kalup and Edoheart choose from her many styles of painting, performance, and video to curate our mobile art gallery (aka ArtV) taking her work to the streets to get the public’s unfiltered reactions.