Yayoi Kusama Helps Kids Cover a Blank White Room in a Rainbow of Polka Dots

In an exhibition at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in Australia called “Look Now See Forever,” psychedelic Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama brought her characteristic polka-dot aesthetic to a fully furnished white room. The difference between this piece and her dot-covered pumpkins sculptures and paintings was that instead of the artist working by herself, young visitors to the museum were given primary-colored stickers and invited to go crazy.

The result is a hypnotizing variety of colors and patterns taking over the room like highly contagious rainbow chicken pox. The bare white walls, couch, tables, and lamps play up the intense hues of the stickers, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The final image shows crowded groups of dots so dense that the wall isn’t even visible beneath.

Good luck trying this one in your home living room! [Colossal]