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Show & Tell: Richard Serra Out on the Street

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Richard Serra’s “Junction” is taking its time saying goodbye to Chelsea. The artist’s exhibition at the Gagosian gallery closed on November 26, but the gallery is only midway finished with its deinstallation, which takes about a month to complete. This is the second episode in two weeks of flatbed trucks carting away the mammoth rust-colored swaths of steel in front of the ARTINFO office.

– Janelle Zara

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  1. We got rid of ours at LACMA a month or two ago. Now bringing in an even more humongous carbon footprint of hubris in the levitating pet rock soon. Maybe, cant seem to get it off the ground.
    Serra’s are cute, the experience like a giant kiddie land version of Glen Canyon or anything of the West. Believe me, been there, and photos are much better. But kids do get to run through the mazelike rusty canyon. Wear em out so they can sleep on the way home.

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