Occupy Fashion! See Models Pepper Spray London Riot Cops

Photographer and provocateur Tyler Shields has previously shot a bloody, murderous Lindsay Lohan and slapped actress Mischa Barton in the face with raw meat. Now, he’s taking on the Occupy movement with a team of models bent on destroying London’s riot police.

In this new set of photos, Shields’s girlfriend Francesca Eastwood and long time collaborator Alessandra Torressani pose in one-pieces and high heels as they shoot pepper spray right back at the cops and wrestle them to the ground, all for the benefit of a group of male photojournalists (or are they detectives on the case?). In one shot, our female protester throws a policeman against the hood of a car, but he’s still smiling — enjoying the occupation?

Sexy and domineering, the models wreak havoc until they’re handcuffed together. When it comes to the work’s political message, though, we’re not sure how the Occupy movement will receive these pictures. Sure, fighting the man is great, but aren’t celebrity-snapping photographers and bold-faced name models part of the one percent?

See more of the images below, which are also on display at A Gallery.

[A Gallery / Tyler Shields]