Occupy Art NYC Petitions Lower Manhattan Council for Performance Space

Occupy Art NYC, a spin-off of Occupy Wall Street, has sent a letter to the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council requesting use of the now vacant LentSpace. The free outdoor cultural space, which hosts performances during much of the year, is dormant for the winter season.

“Use of this outdoor common space is vital for the expansion of the movement’s creative and transformative work for positive social change, which we believe brilliantly aligns with LMCC’s stated mission for LentSpace as ‘a free outdoor cultural space open to the public,'” reads the letter.

LentSpace is located at Canal Street and 6th Avenue in New York. The impressive list of signatories, which is in formation, includes artist Laurie Anderson, musician Lou Reed, author Salman Rushdie, LentSpace founding curator Adam Kleinman, Creative Time director Anne Pasternak, E-Flux founder Anton Vidokle, and artist Martha Rosler. Click here to read the full letter and list of signatures.

Earlier this month, Occupy the Arts, another spin-off, hosted a general assembly at Lincoln Center, and guest speakers included composer Philip Glass (who currently is not listed as a signatory on the LentSpace letter) and Reed. In November, the Art Newspaper reported another arts and culture group within Occupy Wall Street was seeking a multi-purpose, indoor arts space.