Occupy Museums Takes Part in Foreclosure Defense at Alexander Hamilton’s Former Estate

The much debated Occupy Museums — one of several art-focused spinoffs of Occupy Wall Street — is returning today, and joining a coordinated series of OWS actions relating to foreclosure. Here’s the announcement about their action (from the Occupy Museums Facebook page), which begins at a home in foreclosure at 142nd Street, and ends at the Museum of American Finance in Lower Manhattan offering the institution “an exhibit of the damaging effects of Wall Street’s financial system on American’s everyday lives.” We’d say more, but I think the announcement explains very well:

Occupy Museums partners with Occupy 477 to stand against foreclosure!

477 W. 142nd Street is a landmark building on Alexander Hamilton’s former estate. The building has served for decades as a residence for low-income families and been a key site of the black community in New York City. The house is currently facing foreclosure by Madison Park Investors LLC and E.R. Holding. Brutal tactics have been used to try and force residents out, including the sabotage of the building’s boiler as the winter months approach.

December 6th marks the international day of action for Occupy Wall Street against the foreclosures led by the 1%. On this historic day Occupy 477 and Occupy Museums join forces to stand against gentrification and stand up for the right to housing for all!

It just so happens that The Museum of Finance on Wall Street is housed in the former headquarters of the Bank of New York, founded by Alexander Hamilton — America’s first Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton created the country’s financial system. On December 6th, we will march a replica of 477 W. 142nd Street to the Museum of American Finance, and offer it as an exhibit of the damaging effects of Wall Street’s financial system on American’s everyday lives.

December 6th,
12:00 PM —-Meet at 477 West 142nd st. HDFC
3:00 PM—-Arrive at Museum of American Finance, 48 Wall Street, New York

Image from Occupy Museums' Facebook page about today's action