Contemporary Art Foe Morley Safer Gets a Tour of ABMB From Jeffrey Deitch

This could be big! Sighted stalking the halls of the Convention Center for Art Basel Miami Beach: Dealer-turned-museum-director Jeffrey Deitch, giving a private — and filmed — tour to TV newsman Morley Safer, of 60 Minutes fame. Safer, of course, blasted the contemporary art scene back in 1993 in a segment called “Yes… But Is It Art?,” deriding stars from Robert Gober to Jean-Michel Basquiat — and, most memorably, Jeff Koons, an artist Deitch is somewhat associated with. “I resent people saying the show was a cheap shot,” Safer told the New York Times at the time, responding to the backlash. “If you want to look at a cheap shot, look at Mr. Koons’s or Mr. Gober’s art. By no definition is it art.”

So, is it time for “But Is It Art? Round II.” We’ll see.