Alex Katz’s Christmas Wish List Is a Little Spare

Painter Alex Katz has always been known as a stylish gentleman — reflected in his slick, society-documenting paintings. The artist has been modeling for J. Crew for a while now (check out this spread), and now, Katz has picked out a Christmas wish list of J. Crew products. Great for those young artists who might want to send him a gift!

Unfortunately, the list only has two items: a $198.00 cashmere sweater (bright blue, a classic Katz color, is shown) and a $62.50 “Secret Wash Shirt” in white. If that’s all Katz wants, he could be getting quite a repetitive wardrobe. Martha Stewart, on the other hand, has an extensive collection of dozens of products, ranging from vintage pajamas to cashmere-lined leather gloves. [J. Crew]