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Artists and Writers Plan March to Rebuild Occupy Wall Street’s Library

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As activists across the city brace for a day of action in response to last night’s sneak NYPD raid on Liberty Plaza (aka Zuccotti Park), the Artists and Writers “affinity group” of Occupy Wall Street is planning its own solidarity demonstration. According to some reports, among the losses from Liberty Plaza was Occupy Wall Street’s famous “people’s library,” featuring more than 5,000 donated books. Some reports from those who were on the scene have the NYPD throwing books into dumpsters.

The artists and writers of OWS are currently planning to rally to reconstruct the trashed library, marching carrying books. There is a Facebook page for the event, which is planned for 6 pm at Liberty Plaza — the text reads as follows:

Liberty Plaza was taken from Occupy Wall Street this morning, but tonight writers are going to storytell it back. Meet at the site of the demolished Occupy Wall Street Library.


Location may change. Stay tuned.

The Occupy Wall Street library / Photo by Andrew Goldstein

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  1. The art Academies, the tools of the rich in more ways than one, are the obvious choice to set up camp in next. This will get the message across, and not exactly ruin any student, they dont learn anything worthwhile anyway, no great artist has ever graudated from one.

    Out here in LA, MoCA is the obvious choice after their latest bacchanal/fundraiser of the voyeurist effete. They very parasitic forces that are sapping the middle class strength and weakening the world economy right when it is needed to face coming threats, and those already here.

    Occupy the New and MoCA, you already began, complete the conquest. There is room at the two MoCAs here, the New is more an issue and may just have protests outside as well as being quietly visible inside. Though no one really goes except for the parties, and sadly misled and Pavlovian trained artistes. The camera’s will show and their PC veneer of liberalness be torn aside, and hurt their portfolios of Contempt art, that will get notice.

  2. While you and LACMonfire cover Occupy and the decadence of MoCAs wannabe bacchanal, MAN pimps his podcast and fiddles while Rome Burns, much as the 1% did as the economy crashed and the megarich paid $200mil+ to have the “privilege” to buy Hirst’s pickled ponies for their party palaces.

    Nuff said.

    art collegia delenda est

  3. We each have our own monsters in the closet. Going after the big museums seems somewhat off target. They, at least, are not taking anything away from us or putting people on the street. Yes, a symbol of the rich and fancy, fat and stupid, often that’s the truth — but still! FOCUS!! FOCUS ON WHERE THE EVIL REALLY RESIDES. Turn around and keep your eyes on the ball — the government – corporate corruption that is leaving us in the gutter. I can live with what museums do. I might not like it all the time, but that’s a whole different story. Often just a matter of bad taste.

  4. The Museums, especially Contempt ones, ARE the playgrounds of these very people. Leave the Met alone, the Frick, they are old money, it is the nouveau riche who dont know how to act that are the problem. They under W not only took the golden eggs, they cooked the whole damn goose.

    MoMA was bought and ruined, rebuilt way too big to allow non Modern stuff in, gargantuan monstrosities that have nothing to do with creative art. The very enemies of Modern philosophy. It is all worship of the individual, instead of seeking to learn and advance Our people by doing our damn jobs. Artists are not culture, but have one role in it, do it. And stop whining for handouts or raking in bucks from your masters to be entertained.

    Occupy the New and MoCA for sure. Hard to do MoMA and the Gug, which now has a toilet bowl of garbage swirling in it in need of a flushing. It is NOt Modern theya re two very different and opposed ways of life. Modern was of workers, of lifwe, of nature god and humanity. this stuff is toys for the effete. Tiem to take them back. Dont burn them but storm these Bastilles of the Pharisees. They were meant for us.

    Save the color filled and spiritual Watts Towers(pimped by LACMA for PR)
    Tear down the decadent and soulless Ivories

  5. Take Otis, Parsons, Cal Arts, Art Center, all stand alone fine art academies, those who train their tamed artistes as pets, no full education or ability to think independantly with constructive self ciriticsm. I know a tearher at Cal Arts for 30 years who confirms this. Sande Cohen, at UCLA too as a critical thinking philosphy instructor who was reined in because it was too tough for the tender lil darlins.
    Wimps all.

    Art is by thestrong of mind body and soul, and these academies are godless temples to their benefactors.

  6. by John Pendleton

    What are you talking about??? The museums have nothing to do with this. Yes they raise money from the 1% but so what??? At least the money contributes to something, whether you like it or not is irrelevant. Thevsame cannot be said about Goldman Sachs, Big Oil, the lobbying firms and all the politicians who cater to them. Wake up and smell the coffee…

  7. Yes, and the grounds are in thier personal investment portfolios, MoCA and the New foremost amongst them. They are not for us, we dont care. only those who kowtow to these patrons of the arts and THEIR Academies do. Look at the attendance figures.

    And MoMA is no more, they need to start looking for Modern art again, not its diametricaly opposed enemy, Contempt “art”. Send it to PS 1 and the gilded ghettos they so richly deserve and have created for themselves.

    Storm the Bastilles and their Pharisees, vive humanitie!
    Throw the rascals out!
    Voltaire. We live in such times.

  8. Donald Frazell is a wannabe artist/art critic who has never been solicited for an art show in his life. He has never worked in the arts in any capacity. He is a button pusher at a local copy shop and thats about the best he can do with his extensive education in “world history and the arts. Please note that his distain for artist with degrees is driven by the fact that he doesn’t own a degree in any field. He is not being considered by the Vatican or any other establishment for exhibition. As for his claim of being a man, it’s curious why he still lives in his parents house at the age of 50. He brags of an extensive knowledge of music particularly jazz. How many instruments does he play? None. His knowledge of music and music theory- none. I would challenge Frazell to show me middle C on a piano. I doubt he even knows what that is. Every comment he makes drifts of into a dillusional incoherent babel about anything from jazz, to his days as a professional basketball coach (???), to his former Nation of Islam Taibo Goddess (if you can imagine such a thing). He is also known for physically attacking gallery owners when they don’t give him a show. This is a fact. Beware of this man (if you can call him that). I implore Frazell to please spare the rest of the civilized world of his disjointed rants and distasteful perspectives. I would also encourage him to get a real education in something useful and relevant. He will never make a career in the arts. He is a mediocre painter whose color palette comes straight from the tube. You have a long way to go and a lot learn before you can call yourself even a frustrated artist best. You’re not even in the ballpark. Your critiques reveal your lack of maturity, sophistication, and most of all common sense. In effect you have revealed yourself to be a true moron.

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