Artists and Writers Plan March to Rebuild Occupy Wall Street’s Library

As activists across the city brace for a day of action in response to last night’s sneak NYPD raid on Liberty Plaza (aka Zuccotti Park), the Artists and Writers “affinity group” of Occupy Wall Street is planning its own solidarity demonstration. According to some reports, among the losses from Liberty Plaza was Occupy Wall Street’s famous “people’s library,” featuring more than 5,000 donated books. Some reports from those who were on the scene have the NYPD throwing books into dumpsters.

The artists and writers of OWS are currently planning to rally to reconstruct the trashed library, marching carrying books. There is a Facebook page for the event, which is planned for 6 pm at Liberty Plaza — the text reads as follows:

Liberty Plaza was taken from Occupy Wall Street this morning, but tonight writers are going to storytell it back. Meet at the site of the demolished Occupy Wall Street Library.


Location may change. Stay tuned.

The Occupy Wall Street library / Photo by Andrew Goldstein