Art Sales Tech Start-Up Raises a New $6 Million in Funding, the ultra-buzzy technology start-up with the goal of changing the way people buy art, has previously received funding from the likes of Dasha Zhukova and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey (plus advising from Larry Gagosian), resulting in an initial $1.25 million round a year ago. Now, it has raised an additional $6 million in funding from Zhukova, Wendi Murdoch, Peter Thiel, and Thrive Capital. was founded by Carter Cleveland, a charismatic young engineer from Princeton who has taken the upper echelons of the art world by storm, and is led by Sebastian Cwilich, a former Christie’s executive. Techcrunch reports that Artsy has lined up deals with 180 galleries in 40 countries. This action has largely occurred behind the scenes, as has demonstrated little to the public save its intention to make a Pandora-style application for the art market.

Now all Cleveland and company need is a visible product. has a select group of beta-testers, but the rest of us are in the dark. [Techcrunch]

— Kyle Chayka