Wanna Buy Marcel Duchamp or Marina Abramovic’s Apartment?

Looking to buy? The homes of two bona-fide art celebrities are currently on the market, according to Curbed. First, the minimalist SoHo pad of performance artist Marina Abramovic is for sale, listed at $3.5 million (a cool $2 million more than she paid when she bought it in 2001 — way to go, Marina!). Next, there’s an Upper West Side duplex once owned by art collectors Walter and Louise Arensberg and sublet, during the summer of 1915, by one Marcel Duchamp.

Currently, the two homes have quite contrasting aesthetics. Marina’s loft, which boasts the distinction of having its own New York  Times profile, is sleek, airy, and minimal. Though, as Curbed points out, there isn’t a lot of wall space for art. Expansive views of the city might make up for it, but there might be a risk of your new apartment being haunted by Eastern-Bloc ghosts, or something similarly creepy.

Marina Abramovic's loft (image via Sotheby's Realty)

An image of Marina Abramovic's bedroom (image via Sotheby's Realty)

Arensberg’s apartment, below, feels slightly more old school, with its narrow rooms and wood paneling. The collector couple apparently routinely hosted other artists as well; their home became a gathering place of the members of New York Dada, the Society of Independent Artists, and The Others Group of poets.

Arensbergs' apartment (image via Prudential)

Bedroom in the Arensbergs' apartment (image via Prudential)