New York Times’s Novice Architecture Critic Joins Twitter

Yesterday, after publishing his first New York Times architecture review, Michael Kimmelman took things up a notch by starting a reader-response column on the New York Times’s ArtsBeat blog (much like Sam Sifton, ex-food critic, did with the Dining blog). Kimmelman also jumped into the public dialogue with a new Twitter account: @kimmelman.

Kimmelman used his blog post to state some first principles. “I’m interested in urbanism, city planning, housing and social affairs, the environment and health, politics and culture — in all the ways we live, in other words, and not just in how buildings look or who designs them, although those things are inseparable from the rest,” he wrote. The announcement of his Twitter account followed.

Most of the reader comments on the blog post so far are congratulatory and kind, though some are a little quizzical of the man who suddenly ascended into arguably the most powerful architectural catbird seat in the world. “I would like to understand why the words “landscape architecture’ appear no-where in your ‘mission,'” wrote one mhoney43. “And I would be interested in knowing what your background is, in architecture.” Ouch. [New York Times]