Ai Weiwei Publishes Police List of Studio Confiscations on Google Plus

Just yesterday, ARTINFO reported that previously detained Chinese artist Ai Weiwei broke his social media silence with a new Google Plus account. His posts on the account are pretty harmless, but in a photo album, Ai has published the confiscation records from when government police raided his studio post-arrest.

In an album titled “April 3, 2011 Beijing City Police Department Chaoyang District Bureau List of Confiscated Articles,” Ai has scans of the full lists of what was taken from his studio in the police raids, including items like “SD cards,” “Sony laptop,” and “Acer computer.” See one list below.

The gesture of publishing such controversial documents is certainly in line with Ai’s art and activism practice; the artist has devoted his career to exposing the inconsistencies and inaccuracies of the Chinese government, uncovering political abuse and criminal neglect. His investigation into the Sichuan earthquake is only one example. The confiscation lists are detailed absurdities, a record of the government’s paranoia.